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Adoption Process



Fill out application

The purpose of the application is to ensure we can realistically provide you with a puppy that best suits your needs! We welcome and encourage a phone call to answer any questions or concerns. 


Once you have been added to a litter list and the litter is born, you will be added to that nursery Google photo album.  The album is updated at least 2 times weekly with pictures and videos

Final Payment/Delivery

Terms of final payment are personal check or cash only.  If paying with personal check, that payment is due when your puppy is 6 weeks old.  Cash payments can be made at time of pickup. 

We offer a flight nanny service to the airport of your choice.  This fee varies.  The average cost is 600.00.   

Reservation Fee

We required a 300.00 reservation fee to be added to our list.  This fee is deducted from the cost of your puppy.  Your reservation is good for 1 year.  Once you have reserved us to raise a puppy for you, your reservation is flexible.   

Social Media

We update our facebook and Instagram often.  In addition, we have a private facebook group for our doodle families.   We love to help everyone grow their instagram.  When you post a picture of your puppy, we ask you tag us and we will do the same!

Going Forward

Your puppy will come home with a take home bag that will include a toy, blanket with moms scent, vaccination/deworming records, 30 days of free insurance, a health and spay/neuter agreement.  

We offer a lifetime of support!

Reservation List

We understand list can be long and complicated.  With that in mind, we have tried to simplify the process.  The average wait time for our puppies is 30-60 days.  Because we have fine tuned our program, all of our puppies are amazing.  There is no "last choice" because of undesirable traits.   

Puppy Selection

This process is much simplier than you can imagine!  Puppies are selected when they are 6 weeks old.  This selection is done virtual.  Extensive video, phone calls help make this process seamless

Price List

mini bernedoodles: 3500

AKC Poodles 3500

The above price are for pet price.  Those will require a spay/neuter agreement.  If you are interested in investing in one of our breeder quality pups, please fill out a breed application and call or emaill for pricing.  


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