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Previous Isis x Zeus puppies
Isis and Zeus puppies will be parents again!  Approximate due date early Jan, 2021. Gotcha Day of late Feb, 2021 F1 Standard size.
Tri Color -  3,500
 Tri Merle - 4,000
Ruby and Zeus will honeymoon  November 2020. Puppies estimated due date will be Late January of 2021.  Their puppies will be medium sized and mature between 55-65#. They will be gorgeous tri color pups! 
Tri Color -  3700.00 


AKC small standard color poodle

Ruby is a rare tri color red poodle. She is clear on her genetic testing and has excellent Pennhip scores. She weighs 35 lbs. 


AKC small standard chocolate merletri color poodle

Sybil has a unique "split face"  Small in size and large in heart!  She has a goofy, fun personality.    

Sybil is 22" tall and 35#

Sybil will be a momma, again! Zeus will be the father.    Puppies estimated due date will be 1/30/2021.  Their puppies mature between 45-55#.  Sybil will have classic tri, merle tri color puppies with beautiful wavy, fleece like coats. 
Tri Color - 3500
Merle Tri Color - 4,000
Daphne and Apollo will honeymoon end of Nov 2020.  Their puppies will be due approximately 1/30/21.  They will be ready to go home at 8 weeks of age.
Dramatic tri color, with deep copper markings.  Small Standard, 45-55# F1 Austrailan Mountain Doodles!
Merle Tri - 4,000
Classic Tri - 3700 


AKC small standard black/red tri color poodle

Daphne is a gorgeous red/black tri color girl.  She has the softest coat!  Pennhip scores of .25 and clear on her genetic health testing.  She loves to play fetch and hug!

Previous Sadie x Zeus puppies
Sadie Mae and Zeus will honeymoon around 11/30.  Their puppies will be due approximately 1/30/21.  They will be ready to go home at 8 weeks of age.
Gorgeous standard f1 bernedoodles.  Blue merle tri and classic tri color.    
Classic Tri - 3500
Merle Tri - 4000
Hazel and Atlas will honeymoon again around 1/31/21.  Their puppies will be due approximately 3/4/21.  They will be ready to go home at 8 weeks of age. They will have tri color f1b mini bernedoodles. 
   Black Tri - 3500
Chocolate Tri - 4,000


AKC  small Cafe AuLait Standard poodle

Hazel is an AKC registerd poodle. Hazel has OFA prelim scores of "excellent". She is clear on her genetic health testing. Hazel is a goofy, loving, smart, affectionate girl. She loves to sit  on our lap, or be cuddled up against our legs. She weighs 30 lbs. and is 18" tall.

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