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1. How much are your bernedoodles, Australian Mountain Doodles & Poodles?  The following are pet price only, which requires a spay/neuter contract.  If you are interested in one of our puppies for your breeding program, please fill out a breeder application.  

Premium Pick: 5,000.00 this is pet only, only available in our "doodle" litters, does not apply to poodle puppies 

Mini Bernedoodles:  3500 pet price

AKC Poodles :   3500 Pet price

2.  Is the $300.00 reservation fee refundable or transferable?

Reservation fees are non-refundable.  Reservations made on a master list can remain for 1 year. Please see "Understanding the Master List" on the 'Adoption Process' tab for more details.

3.  Will my puppy have any puppy vaccines?

Yes.  We have a deworming protocol.  All puppies are dewormed every 2 weeks, beginning at 2 weeks of age.  Puppies are given a Neo Par vaccine at 5 weeks and a puppy 5-way vaccine at 7 weeks.

4. Do I have to spay/neuter my puppy?

Yes.  We require a spay/neuter agreement between you and Dunbar Doodles.  We offer full AKC registration with our AKC poodle puppies.

5.  What does Dunbar Doodles guarantee?

We guarantee that:

1) We have meticulously chosen the parents to your puppy with the following criteria: impeccable joint and genetic health over the course of 5 generations, Desirable personality.

2) Your puppy is carefully planned.

3) Your puppy is born in the best environment.  Disease free, climate controlled, quiet, pleasant.

4) Your puppy is well socialized and fed a quality diet.

5) To do our best to meet all your needs and answer any questions you may have.

6) Lifetime of support

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